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They pioneered melodic, melancholic pop and their influence as songwriters, performers, and composers spans multiple generations and genres.

They won three Grammy Awards and have sold over million records. I want everybody to have a listen to this and maybe reawaken their ears to the music.

Why is Karen Carpenter’s music still so popular with diverse communities?

Merry Christmas Darling. Suntory Pop Jingle 1. Jambalaya On The Bayou. Touch Me When We're Dancing.

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This programme is not currently available. Featuring a new interview with Richard Carpenter, Graham Norton tells their remarkable story Show more.

Written and produced by Malcolm Prince. In fact, he passed away a couple of months ago at And he was, to me, an instrumental part, so to speak, of our records.

Marvelous drummer. And we had the pleasure of working with any number of the great players at the time.

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Richard Carpenter conducted the Royal Philharmonic for this album at Abbey Road, the famed home of some of the greatest pop music. In a way, it was a roundabout trip. The Carpenters tallied their first hit with a Beatles cover in And, of course, there are still people out there, fans, every hour of the day at that crosswalk. And he heard the potential," said Carpenter of the eventual partnership. And I need to mention Jerry Moss as well.

Because they just backed us and let us do what we wanted to do. And of course it all worked out very well for everybody concerned. As Carpenter gets ready to celebrate the group's 50th anniversary, he's proud of the way the new Royal Philharmonic album compliments The Carpenters legacy. And I feel on the whole that these recordings have done very well for themselves," Carpenter said.