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Get Free Migration Licenses. Powerful IT Resilience. Key Technology Features. Unlike snapshot-based solutions, CloudEndure provides real-time, block-level replication, which ensures sub-second Recovery Point Objectives RPOs for all applications and databases. Operating in the background, CloudEndure's replication process doesn't impact performance or require reboot. Example: Personnel You can use the tables in this topic to record your data processing personnel. You can include a copy of the organization chart with your plan. Section 3.

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Section 4. Section 5. Information services backup procedures Use these procedures for information services backup. Section 6. Disaster recovery procedures For any disaster recovery plan, these three elements should be addressed. Section 7. A switch can be completed far before a disaster strikes if ever and as the technical demands of the company adapt, so too will the storage solution being utilized.

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Disaster recovery planning begins with a thorough research and a comparison of possibilities. Businesses who engage in such a strategic process can quickly uncover data storage solution that makes a lot more sense than the one being currently utilized and that can be tweaked on the go. Disaster recovery planning can streamline IT processes, help for the elimination of superfluous hardware and reduce the risk of human error.

In a sense, you are not just preparing to recover in the aftermath of a disaster, you are working to make your business more resilient and profitable.

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Hardware fails, hackers attack, and disasters happen. Use this template to create your DR plan to prepare your organization from common IT-based business disruptions. Designed from the beginning to provide organizations with a unified option for cloud services, Evolve IP enables decision-makers to migrate all or select IT technologies to its award-winning cloud platform. Today, tens of thousands of customers across the globe depend daily on Evolve IP for cloud services like virtual servers, virtual desktops, disaster recovery, unified communications, contact centers, and more.

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Office Social Responsibility. Unified Communications. White Label. The Compliance Cloud TM includes true client isolation, encryption in transit and at rest, private VLANs, firewalls and dozens of other security measures. With the rate of change and costs involved, it is difficult for any size credit union to keep pace. So when we were looking for a cloud technology partner, we emphasized the need to provide to our members with technology solutions that help them compete with larger banks and financial institutions, at a cost they can afford.

go Evolve IP offers all that, plus broad financial services industry experience and a pedigree of providing first-rate service to support growth and continually enhance the entire member experience. Watch Testimonial. Our analyst-acclaimed solutions are built on a world-class, compliant architecture that leverages the blue-chip technologies organizations already know and trust.

Our services are analyst-acclaimed, vendor-validated, client recommended and award-winning. The Privacy regulations of the U. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act HIPAA require health care providers, organizations, and their business associates, develop and follow procedures that ensure the confidentiality and security of protected health information PHI when it is transferred, received, handled, or shared. This applies to all forms of PHI — paper, oral, and electronic, etc.

Those who fail to adhere to HIPAA can suffer from huge fines climbing into the millions of dollars for major violations. Evolve IP has received an SSAE 16 SOC 2 Type II report on our internal controls relating to how we assess and address the potential risks associated with the security, availability, and confidentiality of not only the cloud-based services that we provide, but also our physical and logical infrastructure.

Feb Last year, Forbes recognized Evolve IP's survey of 1, executives citing that the number one reason to go to the cloud is the same reason that it is avoided. Mar

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