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Don't Teach Them Plays, Teach Them 'How To Play' - Kirby Schepp

Lisa Leslie to be Inducted into U. Here are five ways that you can be an All-Star basketball coach. All-Star Qualities Sportsmanship - Remember basic courtesy and good manners? Use your practices and games to reinforce these basic principles. Make sure your players can give a firm handshake with eye contact to officials and opposing coaches, as well as a high five to opposing players.

Teamwork - Teach your players that "we over me" is what most often leads to "us over them," in team sports competition. Encourage your players to be selfless and supportive teammates in both losing and winning efforts.

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Positive Attitude - Life is not fair and basketball is worse. Help your players get over it and still do what they need to do to succeed. Playing sports is one the best ways to practice overcoming adversity and preparing to handle tough times in life. Humor helps! Respect - Pay it forward and get it back.

How a coach interacts with other adults--coaches, parents and officials--will naturally influence the behavior of your players. Be mindful that you are a role model and are always being watched. Insist that your players respect coaches, officials and opponents--like you do.

Have the courage to enforce your rules with every player and parent involved with your team.

5 Keys to Being a Great Basketball Coach

Coaching Philosophy - Want a surefire way to be a great youth coach? Lighten up!

Here's a tip. Billions of people don't even know you exist, let alone feel that your practices and games are important. Recreational league and even elite travel team coaches should understand that kids want to play sports and to have FUN! Let your players figure things out.

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Ask questions, but don't give instruction or answers. Stop teaching so much and give your players a chance to learn. Watching them grow will be fun for you too! Communication - Have a team meeting to start the first practice of the season, or as soon as possible thereafter. Limit your postgame analysis to positive things that occurred in the game and deal with what went wrong by establishing a specific goal to work on starting at the next practice. Ask parents to delay or even eliminate the dreaded postgame interview with their child. When you need to correct a player, use the "compliment sandwich" State something positive the player did well, give a very specific correction, then restate the first positive thing.

Continuing Education - All-star coaching requires continuing education. I have been privileged to learn the game of basketball from seven coaches who are in the Basketball Hall of Fame. Each one of them was always striving to learn more.

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In your efforts to learn, make sure the substance of the material is appropriate for the skill, age and maturity level of the players that you coach. These players can provide the varsity team with extra depth, with their service as back-up players. The NCAA previously prohibited true freshmen from playing varsity college football and basketball; as a result, numerous junior-varsity "freshmen teams" appeared on many major college campuses.

The NCAA repealed this limitation in the s; to the extent that junior varsity teams exist at the college level, many are classified as club squads. Many sports teams have assistant coaches responsible for developing the talent of junior varsity players. A coach may call on one or more junior varsity players during a varsity game, especially when a varsity player is injured, is not performing well, or because of a violation or poor grades is disqualified from further competition.

If a junior varsity player does well, they will see more playing time in the future or may even get moved up to the varsity level.

Coaching Basketball: Establishing Your Philosophy and Priorities

A team will have many talented players, but the coach is unable to come up with a rotation that allows everyone to play. The decision of when to play junior varsity players in a one-sided game is often at the coach's discretion. This depends on the coach's strategy, the time remaining in the game, the point margin, and the game situation.

The coach of a losing team—especially if the players are not very good or they are inexperienced players—sometimes may continue to play the main players against the winning team's junior varsity players to give the team experience. When the winning team is ahead by a substantial margin late in the game, the coaches of both the winning and losing teams may " empty their benches "—that is, they remove the varsity players and play the junior varsity players for the remainder of the game. The junior varsity players can impress coaches during this " garbage time " in hopes of gaining more playing time in subsequent games, while at the same time reducing the risk of serious injury by varsity players by resting them in a game whose outcome has been effectively decided.

Some games have rules which allow unlimited use of junior varsity players, such as basketball. Other sports have different ways of determining junior varsity participants. For instance, in high school wrestling , there can only be one wrestler competing for a team at a particular weight class in a given varsity match.

The team's representative is often determined by a "challenge match," in which the top two wrestlers at that weight compete for the right to participate in the varsity match. The loser wrestles that night's junior varsity match. A similar format is used for golf , tennis , and badminton , with players who lose to varsity opponents participating in the junior varsity part of the meet. Junior varsity games are specially-scheduled events in which junior varsity players play to gain skills and experience. Success is a choice, and it is up to you to take advantage of it.

This book is a must read for all true fans of the game. Although this book was not written by a basketball coach, there are so many areas of this book that transfer over to being a basketball coach, and also living a successful life. The Winner Within can be applied to pretty much an endeavor that you take on in life. This book is going to talk about leadership, mastery, personal growth, and a variety of other areas that successful people excel in.

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What is even more incredible though, is that he was a better person and leader than he was a coach. Wooden on Leadership: How to Create a Winning Organization is going to talk about Coach Wooden's leadership beliefs and how to create a winning organization in basketball or business. As most of his books do, it is going to have a lot of concepts that not only apply to basketball but life in general. Leading With the Heart was written in , but it has so many great thoughts on; leadership, the importance of trust, communication, dealing with pride, and so much more that translates seamlessly to today.

This book translates to more than just basketball as well and is a great read for anyone that wants to be a better person and a better leader. It takes a group that is committed to the same common goal and is willing to sacrifice personal achievements to get there. Coaching Basketball Successfully is going to breakdown some of Wootten's timeless wisdom when it comes to coaching basketball. Amazingly he got there without ever even playing in college or the pros. In his book, Idan breaks down some of his unorthodox drills and the techniques that go along with his training. As arguably very arguably the best college basketball coach of all time, he has earned it too. He was a coach that focused on every detail and considered no task too small when it came to preparation.